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Publisher: Aquaplus
Developer: Examu
Genre: 2-on-2 2D Fighting game
Release: June/22/2011

What is Aquapazza?

Aquapazza is the latest fighting game from arcade developer Examu, it is also a joint collaboration with Aquaplus and Leaf who developed all the titles and characters that are featured in this game. Aquapazza is a "Dream Match" game as it combines dozens characters from various Aquaplus titles including To Heart, Utawarerumono, and Tears to Tiara.

Special Thanks

Kazukifafner - For aiding in translation of the Advance Mechanics guide.
Furix - For constant support and aiding with general translations.
HeartNana - For providing insight on Konomi and Riannon.
Circuitous - For help with defining terms
All contributors of the Japanese Wiki - For providing information for me to translate and compile.
Examu and Aquaplus - For coming together and providing a great game.
Enterbrain - For publishing the glorious mook, allowing me to make frame data!


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