Health & Damage

Aquapazza is pretty unique from other fighters as all characters have the same total health and deal the same base damage, there are no character specific multipliers to either health or damage, that stuff is handled by the Active Emotion System.

The base life in AP is 20,000 points, you have 2 bars of health with each containing 10,000 points:
20,000 (Max health, blue) > 19,999~10,001 (High health, green) > 10,000~ (Half/Low Health, yellow)

Active Emotion System


  • You can enter High (Red) emotion by being preforming aggressive actions and using Impact Guard.
  • High emotion increase your attack by 10% (15% if below 10,000 health!).
  • You'll enter Low (Blue) emotion if you are overly defensive or overly inactive (standing set in place, running away).
  • Low emotion decreases your defense by 30% and increases your chances to be Guard Broken.

Partner System & Splash Arts


  • You can learn more about the Partner types in the Partners section
  • Your life will begin glowing at 1/2 health (10,000) so you can preform a Splash Art at any time past this point, provided you have the 3 stocks of Power Gauge to spend.

Assist Actions


  • A slight correction, calling an assist does not cost 1 stock of the power gauge, however if you use an "Active Assist" (canceling an attack into an assist call) or "Passive Assist" (canceling your guard into an assist call) either action costs 1 stock each.

Heavy Smash


  • All Heavy Smashes will wall bounce with the exception of Konomi's, also Heavy Smashes allow for follow up.

Impact Guard


Resist Smash


Fast Standing



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